Wreath making

Beautiful wreaths come throughout the year, the turn of a season, a celebration, a key diary date. We always have a wreath up adorning our door, fitting with the season. They’re welcoming and soften a home, greeting guests, and you, inside.

There are a few key principles in the making of a wreath, firstly the building blocks. Whether you use a wreath frame or fashion a frame from natural materials, that is your starting point. The traditional wreath would be round and circular an everlasting circle, but some take a more oval or heart shape approach. Gather moss and bind it to your frame, making a neat cushion and absorbent base for your dressings.

You’ll then need lots of luscious foliage, which can be picked from the garden, foraged or bought from us, a mixed range of three or five types is ideal, or if you’re more uniform in style then stick to all one kind. Cut to a short stubby stem length and bind on with reel wire, keeping the wire tight and firm. Place the foliage all in the same direction, to create a sweeping rhythm of stems, swirling round the shape of your base. It’s then time to add your ingredients of choice – either fresh, dried, or accessories. These can be wired in by creating false stems with pliable wire. Add three or five points of interest with clusters of gorgeousness (depending on the size of the wreath base). Adding little touches of the elements in between can add to the traditional meaning of the everlasting circle of a wreath.

Make sure you pick ribbon to compliment your ingredients and the tones of the foliage. Leave one long strand of ribbon to hang however works for your door, and add lots of lengths of shorter ribbon from the hanging point to create beautiful, swishy, loveliness to your finished wreath. We always add more than enough ribbon for an extra luxe finish.

Enjoy coming home even more with the welcoming of a wreath all year round. Make home your heart.

For any tools or ingredients please get in touch, we’re always happy to help and advise xx